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Our Philosophy

We are a research driven, highly focused, executive recruiting firm that is totally committed to preserving the confidentiality of our clients and candidates.

Our belief, based on over 30 years of recruiting experience, is that the best candidates are not in the market when you need them. These candidates, rarely, if ever, search corporate or internet recruiting sites. Rest assured, the best candidates, those with stable employment history and solid track record or achievements, rarely respond to a blind advertisement or job posting for fear of damaging their current employment relationship.

Our philosophy is that successful recruiting is the result of …

  • Thoroughly and completely understanding the needs of our clients
  • Flexibility to meet the specific needs of each client
  • Meticulous research
  • A well defined recruiting process that clearly defines the position and qualifies candidates to the exact specifications of our clients.
  • Well defined protocols to ensure maximum confidentiality for the client and candidate.

Every search that we conduct is highly confidential. We will not enter into a search engagement without first establishing a clear understanding of the process, responsibilities, and timelines required to successfully complete the assignment. Experience has taught us that it is better to politely decline an assignment rather than to disappoint a client.

We offer two search options to our clients…

Contingency Search Assignments.
Our Contingency Search Group conducts searches within all practice areas. Contingency searches are typically focused on professional, technical, and managerial positions. A contingency search assignment creates no advance financial obligation from the client. You only pay a fee if you hire a candidate that has been presented to you by our firm.

Retained Search Assignments.
Retained search assignments are reserved for senior level positions that require an inordinate degree of confidentiality. These positions require candidates that have a demanding and highly specialized background, experience level, personality and leadership characteristics. They are always conducted on a national basis and may involve international recruiting efforts. Each retained search is customized and designed to meet your exact requirements. Our Retained Search Group conducts these search assignments in all practice areas.