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How We Operate

Perhaps the most difficult task that you face as a candidate is effectively managing your career.  As a candidate it is very important for you to understand the basics of the search process, how to work with recruiters, and how to effectively manage a career transition.

That being said, here is how effective executive search firms operate.

Our clients need the ‘most qualified and appropriate’ human capital for critical positions within their organization.   In the vast majority of cases candidates in the ‘most qualified and appropriate’ category are employed and not actively searching for a new position.   To find these high performance candidates clients maintain a working relationship with us to conduct the necessary research to identify and recruit top level industry talent.  

As recruiters our challenge is to find qualified candidates and to present them with career advancement opportunities.  In discussing a position with you, our task is to explain it in great detail, assess your qualifications, personality, and experience and to accurately determine your interest in pursuing the opportunity. 

As a candidate, your task is to evaluate how an opportunity may enhance your career, the well being of your family, and your life. 

Our recruiters contact candidates based on information supplied by industry research, industry referrals, and/or from candidate supplied information in our database.

If you are interested in exploring new opportunities, submit your resume to us.

Any submission that you make will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.  Your information will not be shared with any party, under any circumstance, until that party has been identified to you and you agree to release your information.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss our confidentiality protocols with you prior to any submission.  We very strongly advise you to discuss confidentiality protocols with any search firm that you are considering. 

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